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Annual Report on Promoting the Rule of Law in China in 2010

`Time: 2016-7-13 16:23:47     Author: manager

Annual Report on Promoting the Rule of Law in China in 2010


The year of 2010 was an extraordinary year in the course of development in China. Facing the complex and variable domestic and international situations, the Communist Party of China united and led the people of all nationalities of the whole country in the common struggle and won a new and important victory in the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The year of 2010 was also a year of symbolic significance in promoting the rule of law in China. With unremitting efforts made since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and especially over the past three decades of reform and opening up, the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics has been established. There are laws to go by in all fields of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological construction and the promotion of socialist ethics. Moreover, noticeable results have been achieved in resolving social discord, innovating social administration and enforcing laws in a fair and clean way; new progress has been made in exercising administration by law, building a government ruled by law, promoting the reform of the judicial system and the work mechanisms, and building an effective, authoritative and fair socialist judicial system. New accomplishments have been recorded in law propagation, legal education and legal research. The success and experience accumulated in the promotion of the rule of law in 2010 should further impel the implementation of the fundamental programme for the promotion of the rule of law in governing the country and accelerate the course of history in building the country under the socialist rule of law.

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