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Annual Report on Promoting the Rule of Law in China in 2011

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Annual Report (2011)

on China’s Achievements in Promoting the Rule of Law




China made new achievements in its socialist economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization construction in 2011, marking a good beginning of the 12th Five-Year Plan period. By focusing on the central theme of scientific development and the motif of accelerating the change of the mode of economic development, the promotion of the rule of law in China served the general situation of the work of the state, and strengthened and innovated social management according to law, thus promoting the sustained economic growth and the harmony and stability of society. By strengthening the legislative work and improving the quality of legislation, it further improved the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics. By continuing to promote administration by law and deepening the reform of the judicial system and work mechanisms, China scored new achievements in building a government ruled by law and enforcing laws in a fair and clean way. The people of the whole society further enhanced their legal consciousness and sense of the rule of law through law publicity, law education and law research. The work of promoting the rule of law in China made a firm step forward toward the goal of “ruling the country by law and building a country under the socialist rule of law” in 2011.


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