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The world is experiencing a period of major development, reformation and adjustment. The international situation is under complicated and profound changes with the world moving further towards multi-polarization, economic globalization and regional integration. Science and technology is changing rapidly. Simultaneously, ideas, thoughts, and cultures exchange, integrate and compete with each other more frequently. As a rule respected and observed by the international community and an effective approach to manage international relations, law is a product of human rational thinking for resolving disputes, and widely accepted by all civilized countries. Under this background, China Law Society and some Chinese jurists and legal professionals put forward the concept of “Legal Diplomacy” (hereinafter refers to as “LD”) officially in 2010, a concept of academic values and practical meanings, which has gained broad approval from home and abroad. LD is a new perspective of observing and considering diplomatic issues and a new dimension of coping with international relations. Promoting LD accords with the development trends of global governance under the rule of law and democratizing international relations. It will also play a strategic role in building a new international order on a more equal and reasonable footing and a harmonious world with enduring peace and common prosperity.

As a major channel of international legal exchanges in China, taking the unique advantage of an civil and academic organization, adhering to the idea “cooperation, development, winwin and harmony”, China Law Society has propelled and practiced actively Legal Diplomacy through conducting broad, effective and pragmatic cooperation in bilateral visits, legal research, academic studies, legal professional trainings as well as legal services with legalprofessionals around the world. CLS keeps connections with over 800 legal organizations in more than 100 countries and regions, and signed memorandums with 135 significant ones in 88 countries and regions, held meetings with over 500 senior officials abroad and trainings for over 200 foreign legal elites, thereby forming a configuration of all-dimensional, in-depth, wide-ranging and multi-channel exchange.

CLS assumes leading membership in such privileged international and regional organizations as International Association of Constitutional Law, International Association of Penal Law, International Association for Law Philosophy and Social Philosophy, Law Association of Asia and the Pacific. Respectively in 2004, and 2009, CLS hosted in Beijing the 17th International Congress of Penal Law and the 24th World Congress on International Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy.

CLS has initiated 10 regional and cross-regional platforms of legal cooperation, namely, China-ASEAN Legal Forum, China-Eurasia Legal Forum, China-Latin America Legal Forum,

Northeast Asia Legal Forum, FOCAC-Legal Forum, FEALAC-Legal Forum, China-Europe Legal Forum, BRICS Legal Forum, China-South Asia Legal Forum and China-Japan-South

Korea Legal Forum, and has held nearly 40 conferences under the framework of the forums in and abroad China. CLS has founded the Legal Committee of China-Spain Forum, and colaunched “Legal Exchange Day” projects with legal professionals of France, Russia, the United States, Germany, Australia and Cuba.

Under the framework of regional forum, CLS has signed or passed more than 10 strategic documents of regional legal cooperation, including “Nanning Declaration”, “Urumqi Declaration”, “Halong Bay Consensus”, “Beijing Declaration”, “Quito Consensus”, “Brasilia Declaration” etc. CLS has set up more than 30 regional training, research, and cooperation mechanisms, including China-ASEAN Legal Research Center, China-Africa Legal Research Center, China-South Asia Legal Research Center, China-Eurasia Legal Research Center, BRICS Legal Research Center, China-ASEAN Legal Training Base, China-Africa Legal Training Base, Huanyu China-ASEAN Legal Cooperation Center, China-Southeast Asia and South Asia Financial and Capital Market Legal Practice Center, etc.

CLS pursues friendship, mutual trust and fruitful partnership with legal communities of other countries and regions.