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China-U.S. Legal Dialogue

China Law Society has established a long history of friendship with American legal circles. Up till now, China Law Society has hosted dozens of “China-U.S. Legal Meeting”, jointly with several American legal institutes. A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by China Law Society and American Bar Association in 2008, which further consolidated the foundation of legal exchange and cooperation between China and the U.S.. Together with American Bar Association, China Law Society organized the “Sino-U.S. Judicial Mediation Program” in Jilin, China in 2009, with in total 60 participants including specialists in the judicial conciliation area, experienced judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, judicial administrative officers and mediators from both countries. China Law Society plans to initiate “China-U.S. Legal Dialogue” with American counterpart institutes, so as to promote the development of a new model of major-power relationship between China and the U.S..