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China-Oceania Legal Forum


Along with deepening cooperation in the areas of economy, culture, education and technology,China and Oceanian countries face more opportunities and challenges. Legal Diplomacy plays a more and more important role in the process of building Major-Country Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics, supporting “Going Out” of Chinese enterprises and providing legal service in the fields of investment, trade, society and maritime cooperation.


Initiated by China Law Society in 2010, the first China-Oceania Legal Forum will be hosted in Guangzhou in November, 2016. The theme of this Forum is “Strengthening Legal Exchange, Promoting ‘One Belt One Road’Construction”. The topics will be as follows: “Legal Issues around the Establishment of China-Oceania Free Trade Zone”、“Disputes Resolution Mechanism in the China-Oceania Economic and Trade Cooperation” and “Comparison of the Legal Systems of China and Oceanian Countries”. Guanzhou Declaration will be adopted during the Forum. Under the framework of China-Oceania Legal Forum, various programs such as exchange of delegation, Master and Doctor of Law program and legal research will be carried out gradually. China-Oceania Legal Research Institute will also be established timely, conducting researches on the realistic and prospective legal issues systematically arising from the cooperation between China and Oceanian countries.