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FEALAC-Legal Forum


FEALAC is the only multilateral cooperative mechanism founded between East Asia and Latin America. The Forum was founded by Singapore and Chile in 1999 and now has grown into 36 member countries. During decades development, the Forum has became a mutual platform to strengthen communication and promote cooperation between two regions.


FEALAC Legal Forum is the legal professional platform which aims to promote the communication and cooperation, strengthen friendship among legal professions in these two regions and expand common ground on major legal issues, democratize international relations and face the new challenges. The 1st FEALAC-Legal Forum and the 6th “China-Latin Legal Forum”were held in Quito, Ecuador on October 15-17, 2013. The forum was themed” Cooperation, Development and Win-win” with detailed topics of “Rule of Law and Development”, “Commercial Cooperation and Legal Protection”,“Economic Development and Ecological Environment Protection” and “Social and Environmental Criterion”.


The success of the 1st FEALAC-Legal Forum opens a new era of better communication and cooperation for legal professions in two regions and lay a solid foundation to give involved countries louder voice in decision-making, protecting common interests and ensure health development in both regions.