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In the spirit of Cooperation, Development and Win-win, China Law Society launched China- Latin America Legal Forum in 2007. With the active support and participation of governmentsand legal circles of China and Latin American countries, seven Forums have been held and it has become a communication mechanism and cooperation platform between legal communities of China and Latin American countries. It plays an important role in promoting economic development, consolidating the social and legal basis of Sino-Latin American relations and strengthening the friendship and cooperation between legal professionals of China and Latin American countries.

The Forum was written into the China-Latin American and Caribbean Countries Cooperation Plan (2015-2019) and included in the framework of the China-CEALAC Forum during the first Ministerial Meeting of the China-CELAC Forum held in Beijing in January, 2015. On April 21st, 2015, China Law Society was officially involved as a member organization in the China- CEALAC Forum Follow-up Action Committee of Chinese Side.

The 1st China-Latin America Legal Forum was held in Shanghai on October 31st-November 4th, 2007. Around 80 delegates from China, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Suriname and Venezuela discussed theme Strengthen Legal Exchange and Promote Regional Economic Cooperation and such topics as the Role of Law in the Development of Sino-Latin American Friendly and Cooperative Relations, Comparative Study of Chinese and Latin-American Countries’ Trade Laws and Regulations and Application of the Dispute-Resolution Mechanism in Regional Economy Cooperation.

The 2nd China-Latin America Legal Forum was held on December 3rd, 2008 in Havana, Cuba. Over 200 legal professionals from China and Latin American countries brainstormed on the theme Prosper Legal Exchange, Promote Economic Cooperation and such topics as the Comparison of Legal System between China and Latin American Countries, the Foreign Investment Law in China and Latin American Countries, Settlement of International Economic Disputes in Courts and International Arbitration Centers and Harmonization of Contract Law.

The 3rd China-Latin America Legal Forum was held on December 3rd, 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More than 70 jurists, judges, prosecutors and lawyers from China, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Spain discussed the theme Promote Sino-Latin American Brotherhood through Legal Exchange in the 21st Century, and such topics as the Development of Human Rights and Human Rights Law, International Commercial Legal System, the Comparison of Civil and Criminal Law in Participating Countries and the Relationship between International Law and Domestic Law.

The 4th China-Latin America Legal Forum was held on December 2nd, 2010 at School of Law, St. Martin's University, Peru. Over 200 government officials, jurists and lawyers from China, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru discussed the theme to Build a Commercial Strategic Partnership and such topics as China-Latin America–An Important Partnership in the Process of Globalization, the Enterprise System in China – from the Legal and Economic Points of View, the Role of Environmental Responsibility in Corporate Planning within the Framework of Sino-Latin American Economic Cooperation, China's Economic Power in World Economy: Free Trade Agreements, Commercial Dispute Resolution, China's Business Skills in the Claims of World Trade and Carbon Credit: Business Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development.

The 5th China-Latin America Legal Forum was held on March 6th, 2012 in Santiago, Chile. Its theme was Strengthen the Sino-Latin America Legal Exchange, Create a Legal Framework and Promote Economic Cooperation, and its topics included the Role of Law in Promoting the Friendly and Cooperative Sino-Latin American Relationship, the Governance of China and Latin American Corporates, Contract Laws in China and Latin American Countries and Joint Ventures in China and Latin American Countries. The delegates had discussion on urgent legal issues during commercial and trades between China and Latin countries and came up with innovative perspectives and suggestions on corporate governance which may provide good reference for relevant government departments.

The 6th Forum was held in Quito, the capital of Ecuador on October 13th-21st, 2013. The forum was themed Cooperation, Development and Win-win and more than 100 legal professions from Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, USA and China presented the Forum and discussed the topics of China-Latin America: New Relationship in New Era, Rule of Law and Development, Commercial Cooperation and Legal Protection, Economic Development and Ecological Environment Protection and Social and Environmental Criterion. 21 speakers have made brilliant speeches and proposed practical suggestions. The Forum passed and signed the Quito Consensus drafted by China Law Society which was a programmatic document leading the development of the Forum.

The 7th Forum was held in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil on December 10th-11th, 2014. The forum was themed the Rule of Law, Integration and Development. And all the delegates discussed the topics of Infrastructure, Rule of Law and Development, Rule of Law and Integration - Trade, Investment and Dispute Settlement, Environment Law and Infrastructure, Economic Rules and Investment - Rule of Law and Public Policy. Over hundreds of legal professions from China and Latin countries attended this Forum including Mr. Bao Shaokun, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Law Society, Mr. Marcus Vinicius, President of Bar Association of Brazil, Mr. Joao Albert, Senator of Brazil, Mr. Wagner, Brazilian Economist, Mr. Gutierrez, Nicaragua's Minister to Brazil, Mr. Wang Wei, Charge d'Affaires of China's Embassy in Brazil. Chinese Embassy in Brazil organized legal counsels from more than 10 Chinese-invested enterprises in Brazil including State Grid Corporation of China, China China-Latin America Legal Seminar under the framework of the Forum was held in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics on September 24th, 2015. The Seminar was themed China-Latin America Legal Cooperation and focused on such topics as Cross Border Dispute Resolution-Chinese and Latin America Approaches and Comparative Studies on China-Latin America Legal System. Around 80 government officials, lawyers, scholars and overseas students from more than 10 countries attended the Seminar.

China-Latin America Legal Research Center (Shanghai)
China-Latin America Legal Research Center (Shanghai) was established during the China- Latin America Legal Seminar held on September 24th, 2015, which marked the first step of mechanism construction under the framework of China-Latin America Legal Forum, expanding space for China-Latin America legal cooperation and creating new platforms and opportunities for development of the Forum. Based in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the Center will conduct systematic, fundamental, strategic and foreseeing academic researches on legal systems in Latin America and China-Latin America legal cooperation, which will provide an academic exchange platform for legal scholars from China and Latin America, offer advice for governments, commercial communities and other organizations in China and Latin American countries and prepare legal and intellectual support to the prosperous development of China and Latin America. The appointment ceremony of the first batch of research fellows of the Center was held after the launching ceremony of the Center.

China-Latin America Legal Training Base (Shanghai)
China-Latin America Legal Training Base (Shanghai) was established during the China-Latin America Legal Seminar held on September 24th, 2015. Based in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the Base will conduct China-Latin America youth legal talents exchange programs including short-term trainings and diploma education, cultivating Latin American legal talents who are knowledgeable of Chinese legal systems and friendly to China, in order to promote China-Latin America legal cooperation and exchange on a deeper level and boost the realization of relevant cooperative initiatives proposed between China and Latin American countries.