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Initiated by China Law Society in 2006, Regional Legal Cooperation Forum, later renamed China-Eurasia Legal Forum, hassuccessfully held three sessions. The Forum has deepened understanding and trust between Chinese and Eurasian legal professionals, consolidated the mechanism of regional & multilateral cooperation, and contributed to regional harmony and stability.


The 1st Regional Legal Cooperation Forum was held in Urumqi, capital city of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China on August 11-14, 2006. Around 120 delegates from China, Azerbaijan, Belarus, India, Kirghizstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan attended the Forum, which was themed “Enhance Legal Exchange and Promote Regional Economic Development”. 42 organizations in these ten countries became founding members of the Forum, and Urumqi Declaration was adopted and signed on its closing ceremony. As a landmark of the Forum, Legal Culture Square was built at Xinjiang University.

On August 13, 2006, on Closing Ceremony of the 1st Regional Legal Cooperation Forum,

Mr. Kurmanbek Osmonov, Chairman of Supreme Court of The Republic of Kyrgyz signed Urumqi


The 2nd Regional Legal Cooperation Forum was held in Xi’an, capital city of Shaanxi Province, China on August 1-5, 2007. In the spirit of cooperation, development and win-win, around 120 legal professionals from 13 countries (Belarus, China, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Tajikistan) attended the Forum. During the Forum, CLS signed Bilateral Cooperation Memorandums with Kazakhstan Judges’s Union, the Supreme Court of Mongolia and Pakistan Bar Association.

On August 3, 2007, during the 2nd Regional Legal Cooperation Forum, Han Zhubin, President of CLS and Mr. Auyeznur Kazhenov, Chairman of the Union of Judges of Kazakhstan signed MOU

  On August 4, 2007, during the 2nd Regional Legal Cooperation Forum, Chinese and Foreign Representatives

  visited People’s Court of Beilin District of Xian


In 2011, Regional Legal Cooperation Forum was renamed China-Eurasia Legal Forum. The 5th Eurasian Law Conference & the 3rd China-Eurasia Legal Forum was inaugurated at International Conference Center of Yekaterinburg, Russia. Themed “Law and Modernism: Priority and Strategy”, the Forum attracted over 650 legal officials and practitioners from China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, UK, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland and the United States. They discussed topics of common interest, including “Civil and Commercial Legal System”, “The Modernization of the Labor and Social Security Law”, “Cooperation in Economy, Finance, Tariff as well as Custom”, “To Combat Transnational Organized Crime”, “The Modernization of Constitution”, “Mediation System” and “The Formation and Development of Eurasian Legal Systems”.

  On May 27, 2011, CLS Delegation attended the 5th Eurasia Law Conference & the 3rd China-Eurasia Legal Forum which was held in Yekaterinburg, Russia


The 4th China-Eurasia Legal Forum was held in Xi’an on October 17-19, 2015. The Forum was hosted by China Law Society, organized by Northwest University of Politics & Law, and co-organized by Xi’an Law Society, Gansu Law Society, Xinjiang Law Society, Qinghai Law Society, Ning Xia Law Society, Xinjiang University, Lanzhou University, Gansu Institute of Political Science and Law, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, China- Eurasia Legal Research Center and China-Eurasia High-Level Legal Talents Training Base. With the theme of “Deepening Legal Cooperation, Co-constructing ‘the Belt and Road’”, the Forum attracted over 200 legal representatives from China, Mongolia, Russia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Shanghai Cooperation Organization.During the Forum, the ceremony of “China-Eurasia Legal Research Center and China-Eurasia High-Level Legal Talents Training Base” was held. Besides, the launch for both websites “Anti-Terrorism Information” and “‘the Belt and Road’ Legal Information” was held at the opening ceremony. At the closing ceremony, representatives of 30 legal organizations of China and countries from Eurasia signed the Xi’an Declaration.